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         The first year and a half prior to opening our online store, we spent researching product material for our air-tracks. We met with multiple factories to learn about machinery, PVC, stitching and the overall work environment of our suppliers. We were able to see first hand the differences in material, stitching, and processes from start to finish of each factory. We are aware of the cost of production in our competitors, because of the cost vs material.
         Other competitors have a very thin layer of material. The stitching is not processed repeatedly with the machine and they also push these products out very fast without testing. When choosing our airtrack factory, we went with the higher priced/quality with the thicker PVC. They also work with newer machinery and we pay extra for triple stitching. To ensure durability in our products they are inflated for up to 42 hours straight. This process ensures that the product has zero leaks or errors.
         Our marketing team includes persons who are multilingual and can help translate for our international customers nation wide. In addition to our product’s quality control, we create and involve our ambassadors from the athletic community. They are included in events such as giveaways to challenges. Our ambassadors also gain a percentage cash incentive per used code. We like to see ourselves as an all in one brand!