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    KidzTrack.co is a family based air-track company located in the USA. We produce and sell high quality air-products designed for youth athletes in gymnastics cheer and dance. Our production team has over 20 years of experience in producing airtight inflatables. Although our main office is in the USA we do have a warehouse internationally as well. 

    KidzTrack launched our first online store July 4th 2018. The Gymnastics, Cheer and Dance community are constantly evolving and growing through the Instagram platform. Thus leading us to opening an online store through our social media account. On top of producing high quality air products and investing into new advanced technology for our material, KidzTrack was ready to separate our brand from others. Social interaction, building trusted relationships with our customers and the community is our highest priority. This is what separates us from other air track brands. Our Team was created with this in mind which led us to having an around the clock customer service response time. Any inquires or questions are responded to in less than 2 hours. No bots!

    Relationships with KidzTrack far exceeds after a purchase is made. We are actively apart of the ever growing community of talented athletes and pride ourselves in being one of the highest engaged Air-Track Brands on the social media platform. We enjoy re-posting customers using our products, running giveaways and challenges and supporting other athletes in their own journey. 

    From high quality material and stitching that last for years to high customer engagement; if that isn't enough, we also guarantee a two year warranty on our products.  

    For more questions or customized products please email us at Info@KidzTrack.co